Thursday, February 18, 2010

VGC working under works!...

We packed and we moved. So, here we are bag and baggage, temporarily settled on a roof-top. Sitting amidst books and wires, interaction and working as a team now have been redefined in our minds. We face chair jams quiet frequently, yet ideas keep flying from one chair to the next at the speed of light.

Settled in a line like an army, we march forward towards our daily tasks with a new zest and zeal. Preeti shares the same space with a cubby little cabin that also doubles up as a conference room on Monday Mornings.

Well, well that’s not it… things are changing steadily. As the floor beneath us is going through a metamorphosis, we look forward to soon shift our abode to another terrain. So while we proceed in our journey to the next level (the level below the roof-top) of getting to that perfect work place, you can keep checking us out on how we are at work and play. Wait and watch for what’s happening at VGC!