Monday, October 18, 2010

Preeti Vyas Curates and Presents Designomics, a series on Logo for Bloomberg UTV

Designomics is a series on Logo for Bloomberg UTV, which I will curate and present from the vantage point of Indian businesses that have understood Design and its various disciplines as a vital business tool and integrated it in their growth stories.

The Design Industry is fast graduating from a boutique cottage Industry to a strategic and savvy activity, aiming to create a robust ROI for businesses through what I call, Designomics.

The Universe of Design specializations is growing vastly. It ranges from Branding to packaging, to Digital, to Furniture, Automobile, environmental and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Design as a profession is increasingly emerging out of being the afterthought, only to be brought in at the end for cosmetic beautification to being integrated into the very inception of the business process.

This is because enlightened companies have realized that strategic Design has the power to partner them in their growth and profitability.
Of course, there are innumerable international case studies, which show the success of integrating Design across key business interfaces.
But what is truly heartening is that within India too there are many illustrations of how businesses have prospered by using intelligent design in a rapidly crowded and complex marketplace.

The sheer volume of products and services operating in a single domain has risen rapidly and exponentially. As has new categories of businesses. Added to that, India has embraced scale almost overnight. Take retail for example; it went from the local Kirana to the Mall model almost overnight. Business ambitions are no longer shy. Thinking big and thinking Global is the mantra of all Indian businesses.

Against this backdrop, Designomics will bring to you vibrant stories of how diversified conglomerates, Business to business, or consumer facing companies, have added value through Design by integrating different Design specializations into key stages of their business ecology. We will track companies like Mahindra and Mahindra, Titan, and Godrej in the coming segments and see how they have practiced Designomics.

Here is a quick glimpse of what’s coming up next week. You know him as the Chairman of a large Indian multinational. Now meet Kumar Mangalam Birla as an early believer in strategic Brand Design who united a diversified conglomerate under the umbrella of a single power brand

So whether you represent a business, or are an entrepreneur, or of course are a Designer, come watch Designomics and see how you can profit from Design.

- Preeti Vyas

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