Monday, November 28, 2011


Welcome to the first edition of the Designomics Awards. 

 A word or two about Designomics and the awards.

Designomics is an initiative launched by VGC, the Design Agency I head, to further the understanding of Design and its importance to the economy of the country. Thus far, Designomics has been a segment on Bloomberg-UTV, wherein I have interviewed several  Indian Industry heads about their belief in the value of Design as well how they have benefited form Design strategies and drawn ROI from investing in Design expertise. And some of them are clearly Design Evangelists themselves! 

Going a step further, this year, the World Brand Congress hosted the Designomics Event and Awards, and invited me to chair the event. The Award recognizes Design, but even more so it applauds the Business houses who have employed Design processes and skill-sets and prospered from it. So its a Design Award for Businesses. And of course the award recognizes the client and design partnership so it as a result also recognizes the Design house at the same time.

This year, primarily the recognition is for corporates who have embraced and institutionalized Design within their organizations. These even have robust in house Design teams which work sometimes with external Design expertise. The other set of awards are for specific Design intervention to address a business need. 

Being the inaugural year for the Awards, and due to the close association of VGC with Designomics, my team and I have decided that VGC will abstain from nominating our own clients this year, in the interest of ensuring that Designomics is perceived to being agnostic and for the larger interest of  the Design Industry, Business houses and the economy at large. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The rebrand and relaunch of a Heritage Brand - Hiranandani

With a vision of taking forward the values of the legacy of New Urbanism vested in the name- Hiranandani,  Surendra Hiranandani and his daughter Neha, have crafted a new Brand; HOUSE OF HIRANANDANI, which was earlier known as Hiranandani Upscale.

It was an absolute pleasure for VGC to work for this Brand of impeccable legacy and help craft a new strategy and Design a Mark along with a whole new Brand Architecture, to encompass their visionary aspirations. Neha and Surendra are both inspiring individuals and it was wonderful being part of the team that gave the Brand its new avatar. In order to create a larger-than-life imagery, VGC has rolled out a cohesive campaign across both traditional and digital communication touch points.

Says Surendra “The logo reflects our enterprising spirit that embraces the challenges of creating new and flourishing communities that will last for generations.”
Neha says "I received accolades for the quality and content of the communication and the newly crafted brand name, for which the real credit goes to team VGC”

Old Logo