Thursday, November 22, 2012

Preeti Vyas features in Impact's 8th Anniversary issue

Preeti Vyas, Chairwoman, VGC, was recently featured in Impact Magazine's 8th Anniversary Issue. Here's what she had to say.
“Through my years of being a creative professional and later the head of an organization, I have found that there is
 only one sure shot way of success for me – be it a strategic thought, a creative idea, or a presentation. It only works for my clients if it as already worked for me. I have found that the barometer for a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ idea is only within me. I have instinctively devised a ‘yogic’ method of reaching within, becoming deaf to any external nagging voices and dwelling on a creative thought one-on-one with myself. If I come away with a moment of deep joy, then I will back that thought with utter conviction. And almost always, the client too goes for it. And on the few occasions when I have let someone else’s influence overtake this process, then that idea has almost always bounced.
As I think about it a bit more, that is the DNA of my design firm VGC too. We work really hard to reach that ‘Aha’ moment, whether it is an idea or an execution. Also, in a larger sense, and pardon me if I am being a bit philosophical and perhaps even spiritual, isn’t the reason we all choose a creative field to achieve that inner moment of truth for ourselves?”
-Preeti Vyas

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